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About Andhra Pradesh Jana Samskruthika Mandali

 Andhra Pradesh Jana Samskruthika Mandali (JSM) upholding a culture of resistance. Dedicated to the struggles against the culture of exploitation and oppression. In India today, in the wake of a new liberal policy regime we witness the out right commercialization of culture and we see intensified and aggressive promotion of feudal, casteist and patriachal values in the name of 'Indian Culture'. Political powers inevitably seeks to promote a culture that can sustain its legitimacy. The values promoted by the market and even the state as 'Indian Culture' are as a rule marked by religious mejoritarianism, cateism and patriarchy. It is a culture of exclusion of and discrimination against religious ethnic, national, linguistic and ideological minorities, dalits and women. Infact this discriminatory and exclusionist culture promoted by the ruling class creates fertile ground for communal fascist forces. JSM asserts India's rich living legacy of composite culture in all its diversity and plurality.

JSM is the theatre of oppressed in which the common people are not the passive observers, they also took active part in it. The state has become completely unrepentant on the oppression of various segments of society whether it is U.S.aggression in the middle East or the barbaric repression of Adivasis, minorities, farmers, workers and dalits by the Indian state. JSM supports the struggles against the Global imperialist forces and their regional pedlers who are responsible for the oppression and displacement of the adivasis and the toiling masses of the country.

Socialism is even more relevant today and JSM believes that cultural production could have to be oriented towards creating a socialist world view.

JSM will experiment with all cultural forms in order to build new progressive consciousness. It also recognize the need for literary and cultural interventions to combat the idioms of state, capital and the market. JSM tries to enlarge its net work to schools, academic institutions of social intercourse. JSM intervene in all contemporary cultural discourses from revolutionary left position. JSM uphold and develop diverse progressive cultural creations in folk art traditions. JSM initiate movements for popular science and cultural literacy and also against caste discrimination, various manifestations of patriachal culture, superstitions and social evils. JSM develop closer solidarity with the people's struggles on various issues. JSM should not only give moral support to mass movements but harness the mobilizing potentials of art and culture to integrate with them. JSM take the lead to create a progressive thinking against caste discrimination and caste based marriage, against crimes in the name of' honor' sexual violence and domestic violence, and in favour of women's and peoples' autonomy in all maters including the choice of partners. Stands against all forms of discrimination on the grounds of gender or sexual orientation. Stands against denial of property to daughters. Stands against taking and giving dowry, against son preference and sex selective abortion and so on.

JSM believes that the turbulent times our country is now passing through, gives us ample scope for putting into practice our cherished motto "Culture of Creation, Culture of resistence, Culture of the people".