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Dr. Kotnis people's clinic was founded on 05.04.1999 with the motto to provide medical services to the poor. From 05.04.1999 to 28.08.2011. Free medical services were provided to the poor people every Sunday in CPI (M.L) Liberation Office in Kathipudi village for 12 years. Since 2011, Dr.Kotnis people clinic is conducting free medical camps in every sunday in remote villages. Along with medical service, the medical team explains the principles of health to raise their health awareness.

The Free medical camps are being conducted by CPI (M-L) Liberatin in association with Andhra Pradesh Jane Samskruthika Mandali in the name of Dr.Kotnis' People's clinic with the financial aid of Dr.Norman Bethune Medical Service Association.

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We request the financial assistance from the people of India as well as from the abroad to conduct the free medical services on a large scale. We are happy to bring the notice of all that there is income Tax exemption for the donations given to Dr.Norman Bethune Medical Service Association. We request honorable Doctors and Medical representatives to give Physician Samples to help the poor. We also request the people to provide us old and new clothes, mosquito nets, mosquito coils, pens and pencils, note books, Chocolates, Biscuit packets and glucose packets which will be distributed to the poor people and their children.

What ever material wish to donate, please call Cell No.9493958887 (Raju), our volunteers will come to you and collect the materials.

Dr.Norman Bethune Medical Service Association, Kakinada Regd No.l34 of 2016. A/c. No. 3470645667 Central Bank of India, Sarpavaram Junction Branch, Kakinada.

Eligible for deduction U/S 80 G(2)(iv) vide approval No.CIT(E)/Hyd/3(10)/12 A&80G/2015-16 , dated 30.03.2016, which shall be valid in perpetunity

With revolutionary Salutes,
Dr.Chinnibilli Satyanarayana M.B.B.S,

Surya Hospital, People's Clinic, Sarpavaram Junction, Kakinada-533005
Ph: 0884-2346677, Cell: 9493958887 (Raju)
East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh,INDIA

State President - Andhra Pradesh Jana Samskruthika Mandali,
President-Dr.Norman Bethune Medical Service Association.