Norman Bethune Medical Services

About Dr.Norman Bethune

Few words regarding the great Dr.Norman Bethune. Dr.Norman Bethune lived,worked and fought for three countries i.e. one for mother land kenada, second against the directorship in spain and  third one is in china against Japanese colony together with Red army, so he belongs to to thepeople of these three countries. He is the first Doctor who brought the blood bottles to the war field and gave Blood Transfusions to the injured and saved Thousands of soilders. A slogan was launched by Norman Bethune –"Doctors ! go to the wounded. Do not wait for them to come to you. In china while doing surgery to the wounded soliders without gloves he was injured and later on due to lack of medicines the wound developed septicemia and as a result he died on 13th November,1939. He established norman Bethune hospital and medical school and the institutes later evolved as the Inter National peace hospital with Dr. kotnis as the director. Dr. Bethune and later Dr. kotnis were so recognized by the humble peasants, the fighiting soldiers and great leaders like ZhuDe, ZhowEnlai and MaoZedong.